What Are Your Roots?

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What Are Your Roots?

Life keeps molding me as time goes by. My personality and priorities have been different since my lupus diagnose.

While so many changes have happened, my core values remain the same. Deep inside, my childhood key learnings remain intact, even though I am not a young girl anymore.

As I face new challenges, I look for the tools inside me that have helped me overcome all the problems I have had in the past. I have fallen so many times that, hopefully, I am avoiding the same mistakes.

What Has Worked?

Life often throws curveballs at me, and I must duck and roll. In various instances, my choices were wrong, and I received a wakeup call, as life was reminding me I was getting off track.

For me, my family, faith, and belief that things will eventually get better if I play by the golden rule, have helped me keep my mind hopeful, and move forward.

Sitting still while feeling trapped has never helped me solve any problem — quite the opposite.

With a negative mindset, I feel like dragging behind, drowning in a sea of unhappy thoughts that make things worse. My strength may seem dormant, even though it is still there.

Childhood Memories

This week I came to visit my family overseas, and so many memories came back to me.

It’s like time travel: I feel like I had a whole different life. Another country, house, friends, job, and above all, health. This place is not home anymore; nevertheless, it is part of who I am.

Talking to my relatives, I noticed how events that happened almost 20 years ago are alive in their memory. Emotions live marks, and how we make people feel, can change them for better and worse.

It made me reflect on the impact of my feelings and passions in my own body. How potent is that?

Life is unpredictable, and we need to enjoy every happy moment we can. It is my choice to be happy regardless of what is around me or now. Learning to be content with what I have and who I am, is a secret sauce that improves my quality of life every time I remember to use it.

After so many ups and downs, when I am great, it does not only mean that I am physically well. It also means that my mental, emotional, and spiritual states are balanced.

Being mentally healthy means, I am more prepared to face all the unpleasant wrecks and deal with them more efficiently.

Carefully choosing my thoughts and emotions is a great way to improve situations we have limited control. It’s like picking what it is suitable for in a restaurant menu. Many options, but not all are a good fit for my body and mind.

By choosing to focus on an unpleasant fact, triggers a negative emotion that can cause a flare, an allergy reaction, pain that can last for days, sometimes weeks.

So why do I consciously choose a state of mind that is not good for me, if we know it won’t help me feel better? When life gives me lots of lemons, it is hard to keep the head up high, while in the middle of crossfire and a bad flare. I want to hit the pause button, make my life stop, and don’t play anymore.

But does this attitude will better things and help me feel better? Nope.

Managing Spoons

My point is, managing my daily ‘spoons,’ not only means balancing my activities, but also, mind or emotional choices.

Life is an echo of who we are and what we think, feel, say, and do.

To have a pleasanter life; we all need to learn to live wholly and consciously look for life opportunities and small things that can cheer us up and make us feel better.

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