This is Why It’s Important to Prioritize.

lupus and fatigue

Prioritizing What Really Matters

I have been taking short breaks from blogging; I’ve been trying to give myself permission to breathe more often and rush less. I feel that my plate is always full, and sometimes it gets too hard to manage everything.

I started writing weekly about 18 months ago, following my therapist’s recommendation. It was a way to face my own fear, greet my vulnerable side, and track my progress. Since then, so many things have changed. Writing has done wonders for me.

Being at home and connecting with other lupies worldwide has brought me a new sense of the value of life and health.

New Calling

This intermittent pause is to answer my life’s invitation to look even more inside me and give myself permission to sort through the pain and fear of having my best friend diagnosed with cancer.

Sicknesses generally help narrow our focus down to what truly matters and prunes what is not essential. I have been doing a lot of ‘letting go.’

After her cancer diagnosis, I have allowed myself to do less and spend as much time as possible with her: less rush, less hustle, and fewer chores. I have enjoyed the present, appreciated the meals, and all the other little things we’ve shared together. My healthy cooking has become even more intentional, full of nutritious ingredients that are also anti-inflammatory. My recipes are full of avocados, mushrooms, turmeric, and ginger to help her.


My life is recalibrating.

I can’t believe that 6 months ago, COVID-19 showed a different life perspective for most of us. It has proved that less is more, that living our days the best means being present where we are.

Many of us with lupus probably have had our days transition from filling a patient role to becoming the caregiver in their family. We have to do all the simple chores that are essential to our family and ourselves.

I wish I could do more, but I just can’t. I feel too tired too often, and the pain always comes back. This is the known vicious cycle that I run away from now and then.

It’s easier for me to care for others than to care for myself, but lupus does not allow that to happen for too long. There is always this timer that is frequently on the back of my mind.

This Week

This week, my best friend will remove her tumor. While she will be in excellent hands, the lump is the size of an avocado. The surgical incision will be about 10 inches. Huge. Recovery will be slow, and unfortunately, while I am available to help, we need to follow our paths alone.

I guess we are always alone deep inside when facing our hurdles. Maybe it is God’s way to strengthen our roots, so new branches can grow solid.
She’s closing a chapter and embracing a new one. She is solidifying her roots, so her new branches come out stable and more robust.

This week I pause to pray. I pray to a new beginning, with a remarkable recovery and a healthy body managed by a healthy mindset.

Yours truly,



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