The Real Social Network

Lupus and friends

The Real Social Network

Some of us cannot be with our extended families this year, including me. It’s too much risk for both – us on immune suppressants and our elderly relatives, who also have a fragile condition.

Here at home, Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve were via zoom, thousands of miles away, so we could exchange love, but not the COVID-19 virus. And now, the new, mutated second wave of COVID is scaring all of us, spreading faster than the first wave.

Stay Still

Local friends became my network of support, and it might have happened to you as well. People say friends are the family we choose, is that true?

Being a foreigner for decades, I have learned that the individuals around me can lift me and remind me how strong I am when things seem too hard. We exchange this powerful, universal energy called love, which has a magical formula to grow the more we share.

If friends and family were relevant in the past, they are even more now, and I am thankful for each of them.

As I write this blog, not sure how 2021 will be. We are full of hopes and dreams but also surrounded by controversy, violence, and uncertainty. Our country is not what it used to be.

We have plans to go back to our ‘old’ everyday life, not knowing to what extend. Vaccines will add new protection to our community, but is it enough? What else can we expect this year?

Life Today

I got excited to see the local schools are getting ready to bring the kids back to campus. My sons miss people interaction, their familiar environments, and face-to-face classes. One of them started middle school, and the older one is a freshman. They crave the social aspect of their lives, but so do we.

While I am happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I fear the unknown. 2020 was a year that felt like a decade for me. Many of us had to review our most essential purposes and let go of precious life gifts. 2021 has barely started, and we see our fundamental values and beliefs on the line.

I wonder how much wiser we got with the experience we lived.
Did we learn to importance of nature and simple things?
Did we learn to love and forgive more?
Did we stop complaining about work and life?

My Wish to You

In 2021, I pray we all find truthful and reliable friends.
I pray that we find peace in the middle of the storm.
I pray that our minds can be stronger, healthier, and more balanced.
And above all, that we can learn from these experiences and become wiser.

May you always find a helping hand and an uplifting smile to cheer your heart during the ups and downs of life.

Yours truly,



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