Phrases that every person with Lupus hears

Phrases that every person with Lupus hears


Besides the lupus condition itself, another awful situation everyone with an autoimmune condition face is the lack of sensibility and empathy from people in general.

We all usually make assumptions about situations we don’t personally experience. But if I could give a bit of advice, it would be: do not share your opinion when you are not fully aware of the experience. Want to help a friend or relative facing a disease (it is worthy of any type)? Then listen. Listen a lot. Usually, the person facing the condition is the one who holds most of the information.

Avoid phrases like these:

1 It is all on your head.

2 You don’t look sick.

3 How can every part hurt?

4 You should think more positively.

5 Is it hurting right now?

6 Change your doctor, and you will get better.

7 Have you tried this XYZ?

Research about the condition helps. Offer your support without judgments too. Just try it! I can assure you your friend or relative will appreciate it.

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