Is Your Life a Roller Coaster?

escalator ups and downs

My health has been unstable since the beginning of the year. The end of year festivities and stressful schedule did take a toll on me.

I know when I opt to do not listen to what my body is telling me, I may fall into some old patterns: lupus flare-ups, body pain, more meds and above all, fatigue.

This time though ( unlike a similar blog I wrote about one year ago ) – Lupus Ups and Downs, I decided to take action before I was dragged into the same hole.

Being Hopeful Or Not?

Being hopeful is not enough. We need to take action and work towards we know it will work better. It is difficult to be confident when things don’t look good, and the body is not well.

Living with a serious diagnose is hard. But the diagnose is not who we are. It is just something someone told us. We got sick, yes but do we need to continue to live that truth? What if we can re-write our story, and tell the aspect we don’t like “thank you and bye-bye?”

Living with Lupus

lupus roller coaster

I have been more self-aware, built on my resilience, and improved my level of compassion about myself. I look inside for the strength I know resides within me, and shake off what I don’t want.

As before, maybe it’s again the cold weather, wet winter, or the coronavirus fear floating around everywhere. The point is – we are all in the arena to fight, to kick ass, and for that, we just do it.

I fight because of me, but also because of the little pairs of brown eyes, I have at home. My kids inspire me to be a better version of myself as much as possible. And my actions speak for my words.

Mind rules

It took me a few days to take ownership of the situation, to be aware of my thoughts and to ask for help. I took action and decided to get the help I knew would make a positive difference.

Changing my mindset, from “here I am in this place again” to “I had been through this before, and it will pass,” was extremely encouraging and uplifting. I know the exit door. I just need to change the direction.

Loving friends and family give us strength and make life worth it. 

Life is challenging and far from ideal. My problems may or may not change but I decided to change the way I look at them.

Rising from my falls is energizing and powerful. It prepares me to face future challenges and say bye-bye. Pain is not a choice, but suffering is. 

Everything passes, good and bad times. As people say, every day is a new beginning. Look for help, ask for help, get help. Emotional, physical, spiritual mental, you name it. 

Please, share your thoughts on how you face life’s highs and lows. There are lots of people who can benefit from it, including me!

Yours truly,



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