Celebrating Pride Month


Pride Month

This month, I have seen everywhere the colors of Pride, showing the importance of acceptance and respect for people’s differences, gender, and sexual choices.

I know that life gets so much more fulfilled when we apply compassion for others and understand their choices and experiences with no judgment.

As I started to think about Pride and what it means to me, I believe it should be present in everyone living with chronic diseases, as well.

‘Showing up in the arena’ as Brené Brown says, and continuing to fight for better awareness, respect, and rights is critical.

Autoimmune conditions are not perceived by the unfamiliar eyes, so it is on us to help people understand what it is, and respect it.

It Comes in Different Colors

Love comes in various flavors, and all of them have respect in common.

I have noticed how other people’s perceptions and comments can influence how I feel. Kind words can energize me, while dismissed behaviors hurt me. Life is full of shades, and not everything is clear sometimes.

While meditation has been a great tool to keep myself still, and my mind more centered, listening to harsh comments is always a drag. I am a never-ending work in progress in the search for my inner peace.

The Grass is Always Greener

The famous saying that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence is true.

We tend to assume reality to what we see; we create stories about others in our minds and believe they are real.
Words and thoughts can leave wounds as deep as weapons.

I recognize how the beauty of our differences come from different choices, cultures, and backgrounds. In my view, we are going through a test period for acceptance in human history.

When I learned the ‘golden rule’ in kindergarten, I didn’t hear to use it just with a hand full of people. Kindness, love, and respect embedded in this rule are universal, unconditional and inclusive.

As I get to know people from different countries, religions, cultures, skin color, sexual choices, I realize how many dreams we share. We all want to be happy and loved. Have a decent life, and be seen and respected as we are.

The world is now a melting pot. Information flies on our fingertips all day long, and we have the option to decide whether to absorb it, agree, or dismiss.

Chronic illnesses are a world yet to be fully understood by medicine. The fact many of the lupus symptoms and harsh effects are not visible does not mean they are not real.

Stepping up, and showing our fragile side, can make us all stronger. Holding our stand on how important it is to know more and do more for others that don’t fall into the majority, is one way to be happier.

We all know we are stronger together. Rain can cause a big flood, pushing heavy cars, and damaging entire cities. And it all started with a single drop.

The same goes with us, as together we choose to apply the golden rule to others or not. We have the power to make things better to everyone, starting with ourselves, so why not begin today?

My motto this week is to listen to my inner thoughts and make sure I am proud of my daily wins and accomplishments, without comparing myself to others, nor feeling guilty about my health by the harsh judgment of people who don’t know this disease.

Questioning what I have experienced with my health because of other people’s perceptions, has no sense.

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