Hello God, It’s Me!

God Almighty

Hello God, It’s Me!

On my previous blog, “Do You Have The Power To Heal“, I mentioned a letter/prayer I wrote God while I was at a healing workshop in Orcas Island and how deep it touched my heart.

I decided to modify it a bit as if I was calling Him on the phone, and share it with you. My hope is to inspire you to talk to your higher self, or whatever superior, divine forces you believe in.

Yours truly,


“Positivity matters.” – unknown

Dear God,

We talk often, and I am usually asking for things. This time I want to acknowledge some of the daily gifts you give me and thank you for what I go through.

I know You created me with infinite love.

I trust I am surrounded by divine beings whose purpose and interest are to inspire, help, and protect me. I am never alone and always guarded.

I know when I join a sacred conversation with You searching for help, You are with me.

I believe I deserve to be happy and healthy, that is Your will. I have full ownership and control of my thoughts, and they are the source of all I feel and what I am. My mind is the most potent energy and defines my life. I know You are the primary source of power and kindness within the Universe. Help me carefully choose my thoughts, what I see, and how I see it.

You are my Father in heaven and cares for me. You created me with love, to be loved, and to bring joy to this world.

Please help me become:
Mindful of my choices

Show me the way to become a better person. You created me to learn and help others. Please, bring Your light closer to my heart, and make the darkness disappear.

I am grateful for all my past experiences, good and bad. Everything I have lived has been a learning and growth opportunity and has shaped who I became.

My past autoimmune diagnose does not define who I am and has opened my eyes to new and better life values. I am a different person today than I used to be.

Please, guide me on this path wherever it leads me to. Help me find my purpose. It is hard sometimes to adapt to this new lifestyle and build my new identity while keeping my optimism intact, and my heart full of hope.

Spirituality, yoga, and meditation have been helping me a lot, and I am forever grateful for them. They help me control the body pain and clear my mind every time. I miss them every time I am unable to practice it.

Forgive me for not understanding everything you want me to learn, and who you want me to be. Forgive me for keeping looking back to the past, wanting things that are not good for me anymore.

Help me live your love, your peace with courage, today and forever.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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