Are You Unstoppable?

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Are You Unstoppable?

I have been thinking about habits and how I model life in a way that brings me joy while keeping my health as a priority. As I said before, tiny daily changes, significant impact in the long run.

While ideas are always coming and going in my mind, there is just so much I can spend time on. With that, even though I would like to accomplish a lot despite lupus, only part of it gets done in the time frame I have.

Back in September 2019, I wrote a blog called Ten Ways to Be Unstoppable.

I was inspired by a cancer survivor that continues to smile to life in the midst of all the chaos. Her positive attitude, ability to be grateful, while embracing adversity has inspired thousands of people, including myself.

Am I Unstoppable?

The “go-go” mode is part of who I am. Nevertheless, as I learn more about yoga philosophy and its eight limbs, I realize how meditation and concentration can help me get more centered and pay more attention to my body and mind while accomplishing more.

It’s easier for me to focus on what has not been done. That’s how I was raised. I am always looking for ways to improve, do better and faster. But as I build a completely new lifestyle, I need to reframe my priorities and decompose the mindset I grew up with.

Hit Stop Before Starting

When I bring my kids to play in the park, they always take a moment by the entrance, because they are not sure where to start playing first, nor what to focus on. The fact they know the park very well does not matter. They always meet their feeling of excitement and joy at the entranceway.

This freedom to choose what to do is based on being in the present moment and paying attention to what we see and what we hear.

How many times today, do we actually listen to what is around us? Take a moment now, and start to notice the smell, noises, colors, temperature of where you are.

What Matters

By being in the moment, I aim to better understand my needs and provide the best experience to fulfill it. Of course, many times, what I wish for is not on my immediate reach, but by focusing on the now, I observe my emotions and thoughts and consciously choose the best path and attitude to navigate. It is a pause, before the start.

All of us can look at life every day like a kid at the park. It’s a beginning, a new adventure to embrace, which we can achieve different results by changing the way we do things.

In my weekly 20|20 Program blog, I mentioned in a few of them how tiny bit changes could lead to life long habits. 

The way we look at ourselves, the problems we face, the life we choose can completely reframe our experience and bring either pain or peace.

Hit Start

Look at the new day, with a spirit of discovery and awareness, instead of being a slave of your to-do list and getting anxious with everything that needs to be done.

To be able to start and be unstoppable, first, we need to hit pause.

As I rise my yoga journey again, with a child mindset, I want to try more little changes to achieve a new result.

People say life is too short and may need to rush things to accomplish every bit of the check-list. Well, I believe happiness does not lie outside, but inside each one of us.

Be unstoppable today.

Yours truly,




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